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Our unique product range is designed to give health care professionals the scope to select nutritional solutions that are accurately targeted to support specific treatment regimes and to enhance patient recovery..

Nutrison Soya Multi Fibre


Nutrison Soya Multi Fibre is a Food for Special Medical Purposes for use under medical supervision. Nutrison Soya Multi Fibre is a 1kcal/ml tube feed enriched with 1.5g/100ml of Multi Fibre for patients who are intolerant to cows' milk protein. Nutrison Soya Multi Fibre is designed for the dietary management of patients with disease related malnutrition. Nutrison Soya Multi Fibre is nutritionally complete in 1500kcal. Suitable as a sole source of nutrition.




Alzheimer's Disease, Cancer / Oncology, Cerebral Palsy, Critical Care: Burns etc, Cystic Fibrosis, Dementia / Alzheimers, Diabetes, Gastrointestinal problems, Kidney / Renal Disease, Leg Ulcers / Wound care, Malabsorption / Maldigestion, Malnutrition / Undernutrition, Neurological : Multiple Sclerosis etc., Parkinson's Disease, Poor appetite / Anorexia, Respiratory Disease / COPD, Stroke / CVA, Surgery: Pre & Post Operative., Swallowing Problems / Dysphagia, Weight Loss in Older Adults


Tube, Specialised

  • Product Information

  • Indications and Prescribability

      For enteral use only. ACBS approved, prescribable on form FP10 (GP10 in Scotland) for the following indications: short bowel syndrome; intractable malabsorption; preoperative preparation of undernourished patients; inflammatory bowel disease; total gastrectomy; dysphagia; disease related malnutrition; cows' milk protein and lactose intolerance.

  • Contraindications

      Not for intravenous use. Not suitable for infants under 1 year of age. Not suitable for patients requiring a fibre free diet.

  • Precautions

      Use with caution in children aged 1-6 years.

  • Suggested Intake
  • Preparation & Administration
  • Directions for Use

      Shake well before opening immediately prior to use at room temperature. Maximum hanging time 24 hours. Flexible Packs can be attached directly to a Flocare Pack giving set.

  • Product Storage

      Store in a cool, dry place (5-25°C) and away from direct sunlight. Once opened aseptically handled Pack can be kept for maximum of 24 hours.

  • Shelf Life

      Pack: 12 months. Best before date: see top of Pack.

  • Product Ingredients
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  • Notes

      NUTRISON SOYA MULTI FIBRE IS GLUTEN, LACTOSE AND MILK PROTEIN FREE For nutritional composition & ingredients see PDF.

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