Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR is about conducting business in a responsible way and Nutricia achieves this by creating a positive impact in areas such as the environment, human relations, human rights, consumers, governance and the community.

Like the rest of Danone, Nutricia has a distinct dual approach to business which is that economic performance and development to society at large are intrinsically related. This is reflected in how we conduct business, our product range, our local and national partnerships, and commitment to ‘Best Care’ and ‘working together’ both inside and outside of Nutricia.

Our CSR programme follows a ‘triple win’ strategy to encourage all employees to engage in an activity that will support one of our partner organisations, which in turn benefits our business, our people and our community. Nutricia’s vision is to bring ‘Medical Nutrition for All Who Need It’ and our CSR activities enable us to achieve this.Click on our partners’ logos below to find out more. Summaries from some of the activities that employees have been involved in can also be found on the Nutricia Blog.


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